I. Sell-Side Advisory

Leveraging our strong network of financial and strategic investors with vested or potential interest in the Turkish market, Orion Capital Partners helps clients achieve their strategic goals and maximize value.

Selling off a part or whole ownership in a company is not part of the day-to-day activities of the owners. It can be stressful and difficult to manage without impacting the business as usual. Therefore, it is best done through the oversight of experienced M&A advisors. Orion Capital Partners will assist you through this what most likely will be a once-in-a-lifetime event and become a part of your team to help you achieve your strategic goals while maximizing value.

Having a capable advisor is crucial to ensuring full value of any asset or business is realized. We have a strong track record of completing divestitures and extracting full market value.

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Typical Sell-Side M&A Process

Turkish M&A Deal Count

Source: Deloitte Annual M&A Report, Turkey

Turkish M&A Deal Volume (Billions USD)

Source: Deloitte Annual M&A Report, Turkey

Typical sell-side representation assignment includes:

  • Support in the development of the strategic goals and objectives of the client
  • Identification and contact of potential investors
  • Preparation of marketing materials, such as teaser, information memorandum, management presentation, business plan,
  • Valuation of assets and business enterprise through multiple methodologies
  • Evaluation of the commercial benefits and risks of a transaction
  • Advice and support on the negotiation of price, optimal structures and commercial terms and conditions of the sale or partnership,
  • Setting up and management of the data room process,
  • Support in the negotiation of transaction documentation working in close coordination with other advisors, i.e. tax, accounting, legal.
  • Management of every step of the M&A and divestiture process.

We follow a three-fold method:

Coupled with our expertise in M&A as well as deep sector knowledge, we will analyze, help you set or confirm the strategic direction of your company and value your company with internationally accepted standards.

Through our network of our extensive and coveted C-level relationships, we will identify the most suited and likely buyers for your business.

We will manage the process and support you all the way. We are there for you in the discussions and negotiations with the buyers and their advisors, communications with the other advisors involved in the deal, may it be legal, accounting, tax or others.

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